Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"It all worked out, we just had to wait for it to come."

I've decided to start posting on here whenever I feel like I need to tell people about a band or movie or something else that I think is awesome. The first installment will be about the band Look Mexico. I've seen them a few times at shows around here and I absolutely love that they make it a point to stop in Delaware every summer. They sound similar to Minus the Bear but a little more melodic. Here are a few videos:

Look Mexico - You're Not Afraid Of The Dark, Are You? from Punknews.org on Vimeo

Look Mexico - You Ever Get Punched In the Face for Talking Too Much? from If You Make It on Vimeo

such a good band. just put on animal music the other night for the first time in a while. so crazy to hear the growth in sound from animal music to gasp asp. the next full length is on my most anticipated list
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