Monday, January 01, 2007


#1 The Matches - Decomposer

Upon first listen of this album, I thought, “this is just a weird album, what were they thinking”. That was mostly based on the first track which consists of mostly strings and no guitars, along with hearing some of the songs live and wondering why the songs sounded so different. The rest of the album is still mostly pop punk, but the first track turned me off at first. I decided to give it a few more listens and from there it was stuck in my cd player for months. The album is made up of tracks produced by a plethora of producers (9 total including Mark Hoppus, Tim Armstrong, Nick Hexum and John Feldmann). You would think this could cause the album to have a lack of continuity and possibly be a complete mess. This is not the case. Most of the songs have the same feel and go together to form one coherent work. Some of the best songs are produced by Mark Hoppus; I wish he had lent his vocal skills to a few though. That’s just wishing for more Hoppus, I’m not trying to take anything away from Shawn Harris’ vocals. The band experiments with drum loops, electronic elements and layered vocals to put together the most fun you will have listening to an album this year. Seeing these guys live a second time was a great chance to see how well the songs have translated to their live show. The best word to describe this album is “energetic”.

Sunburn vs. the Rhinovirus
Lazier Than Furniture
You (Don’t) Know Me

Favorite Lyrics:
“What we know about sex
learned from alcohol
What we know about sex
learned from bathroom walls
We know about love
what little we know about love
what we know 'bout love
what little we know about love
stole from rock and roll”

“may your organs fail before your dreams fail you
waving in the distance, waving (ha ha ha)
waving in the minutes, waning (ha ha ha)
waiting for this to make sense, waiting
stop waving back, I'm drowning”

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