Wednesday, January 02, 2008


#6 Thrice - The Alchemy Index: Water

The second part of the 2 EP release by Thrice. For the other half, see #10. I remember complaining that Thrice was too soft when Vheissu was released. It's funny how time changes things. I now prefer the more mellow Thrice songs like the ones present on this disc. It is amazing how each song makes you feel as though you are floating in the sea or under water. The use of the sonar sound from a submarine is really creative. All of the imagery created by the lyrics is nothing short of breathtaking. I can't imagine trying to write a collection of songs that all tie together one element but somehow Thrice has done it perfectly twice, with 2 more to come. I did not think these songs would translate well to the live show but I was wrong. Seeing these songs performed live was great and I can't wait to catch them on a headlining tour.

Digital Sea
Open Water

Favorite Lyrics:
“I awoke, cold and alone
Adrift in the open sea
Caught up in regrets and tangled in nets
Instead of your arms wrapped around me
And I wept but my tears are anathema here
Just more water to fill my lungs
I hear someone scream
'God what is it we have done?'
I am drowning in a digital sea
I am slipping beneath the sound
Here my voice goes, to ones and zeroes
I'm slipping beneath the sound”

“I'm starting to
believe the ocean's
much like you,
because it gives
and it takes
Between the devil
and the deep blue sea,
I stare into the abyss.
The open water
is an awful thing,
But I'm anxious till the anchor is

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