Wednesday, January 02, 2008


#4 Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice

Now here's a band that can do no wrong. Minus the Bear is one of the few bands I listen to that I can honestly say have an original sound that I never hear anywhere else. It's technical and catchy at the same time and they use an array of effects pedals to set themselves apart from their peers. The amazing thing is that the songs translate perfectly to their live show, I didn't think they could do it. This album has a more experimental, pink floyd sound to it compared to their earlier releases. Their lyrics used to tell simple stories but now they seem a little more sexual and a little more abstract. They also ditched the funny and sometimes long song titles for normal titles. I don't know if I would have suggested that they make all the changes because they were fine the way they were but as you've noticed in this list, bands maturing is a theme. I just wish some of these songs were on rock band.

Throwin' Shapes
Burying Luck

Favorite Lyrics:
“In the nightmare desert stood a building.
Outside someone was diggin' a hole in the ground.
They were burying my luck.”

“Her body's under the covers
And there's nothing wrong with a single inch and then we change positions
She's got me on my back losing common sense
Lay on the bright lights
You can't hear the music but we're playing the same tune
Each beat, every note played perfectly by you”

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