Wednesday, January 02, 2008


#10 Thrice - The Alchemy Index: Fire

Thrice just keeps maturing and getting better with each release. Fire was one part of a release of 2 EPs this year, with 2 more to follow next year. This was a very ambitious project. Every song on this album has it's roots in fire, both lyrically and musically. It's just a heavy, burning stretch of 6 songs. The album starts with the strike of a match and catches fire from there until it finally burns out. The conclusion to the EP is a sonnet from the point of view of fire and the lyrics are beautiful although you'll probably have to read them because it's hard to make them out through the screaming. People who wanted another heavy Thrice album should be very happy with this one. I can't wait to hear the next 2 EPS, Earth and Air.

Burn the Fleet

Favorite Lyrics:
“There are still good shepherds scattered,
but they're far between and few.
And the sheep's skin that the wolves all wear is so thin I see right through.
And I think maybe all that's need is some gas and open flame,
because I don't think that any one of them believes that fire can erase their names.
But I will see this city burn.”

“Well the old flag,
Will burn with the sand,
And a new one,
Will fly if we fail.
But the fire,
Continues to rise,
And it shows not a hint,
Of any fear in our eyes.”

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