Thursday, December 20, 2007


#23 As Tall As Lions - Into the Flood EP

I love this band. There is something about them that is just a breath of fresh air. I wrestled with putting it on the list since I haven’t had it for very long. It eventually won out because it keeps reminding me how awesome their last release is. The soothing vocals and incredible harmonies are still there and it makes me wish I could discover the last album all over again. The only downside to this album is that it’s only a 5 song EP so it is just a tease of what’s to come. I really hope a new full length follows in the new year.

We’re the Ones That Keep You Warm

Favorite Lyrics:
“dreams of yesterday
have haunted my life
they bleed through the day
and creep through the night
blacked out but not gone
well sometimes you need love to hold on
blacked out but not gone
I see you walk away like the setting sun”

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