Saturday, December 29, 2007


#20 The New Amsterdams - At the Foot of My Rival

Matt Pryor has one of my favorite voices in music today. He also writes amazing songs and I'm glad to see he's back at it. Their last release, "Story Like a Star" was a bit lackluster but they've come back strong with this release. There's a song on this album called "Story Like a Star" that is better than anything on the album of the same name. The best thing about this album was that I didn't even know it was being released until a few weeks before it came out. My expectations weren't very high after the last album but I think I would have loved this album regardless. It's funny how Matt Pryor makes music for pretty much each age range he's lived so far. You've got the Terrible Twos for kids, the Get Up Kids for teens and early twenties and The New Amsterdams for everything after that. I can't wait to hear what's next. Now if only his partner in crime from the Get Up Kids would release another Blackpool Lights album...

Story Like a Scar
A Beacon in Beige
The Blood on the Floor

Favorite Lyrics:
“I'm just a fool who
you love to be cruel to
gravel under your wheels”

“life is too rich
to waste it waiting around for you
life is too rich
to waste it waiting around for you
whatever you wanna do”

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