Monday, December 31, 2007


#19 Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

This was the first band that Guitar Hero really got me into. I had heard there singles before and thought they were good but never really got into them. Then i heard 3's and 7's on Guitar Hero 3 and immediately bought the album. Sometimes you just need some straight ahead rock and this is the perfect album for that. I really like the drumming on this album, which is strange because it's not something that usually draws me to an album. The album isn't all straight ahead rock though; there are some slower songs and I feel those are where Josh Homme's voice really shines. I have to go back and check out their back catalog now.

3's and 7's
Turnin' On the Screw
Misfit Love

Favorite Lyrics:
“My generation’s for sale
Beats a steady job.
How much have you got?
My generation don’t trust no one
Its hard to blame
Not even ourselves
The thing that’s real for us is fortune and fame
All the rest seems like work.”

“I'm gonna suture up my future
I ain't jaded
I just hate it
See, I been down too long
It's kinda hard to explain
Done and buried
All I carried
All my evil
Through a needle
As it pull through the eye
What was and what will
They're all gone”

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