Tuesday, December 26, 2006


#8 Cursive - Happy Hollow

Cursive always have a story or message that holds all of the songs on the album together. This record takes on issues such as the war and organized religion. Although I may not buy into everything they are saying, I still think this is an amazing record. The use of horns and strings is just breathtaking. Their use of minor keys and distortion make for a dark ride and I wouldn’t want anything different. Tim Kasher’s voice is always just a little off which works well with the music. The production turns something that seems like it should be rough around the edges into something clean and tight. This album is great, not just for the music, but for the questions it raises.

Big Bang
Dorothy at Forty

Favorite Lyrics:
“We're not the kids that we once were
We can't be the adults we want to be”

“Original sin, idyllic garden
Some talking snake giving apples away
What would that snake say if he could only see us today?
Ha ha ha!”

Steve, I agree with you, Cursive is great. I love their song "Big Bang". We did a podcast with them last month that features the song. I think you might like it.

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