Thursday, December 28, 2006


#7 Kevin Devine - Put Your Ghost to Rest

Kevin Devine is one of my favorite songwriters out there today. Last year, his album was my #5 favorite album of the year. He’s back at it again with his latest release. His shaky voice just makes the songs seem more sincere than most of what I listen to. This album hit me at the perfect time. The songs just seemed to fit where I am in life. I originally downloaded this album before it had been mastered and I was disappointed in it. I’m not sure if that was because the finishing touches weren’t there or because I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Whatever the reason, I was glad to give it another listen once I had a mastered version. I’m glad I gave it that second chance. Seeing some of the songs played live made them even better. This album seems to capture the strange stage in life that follows college.

Just Stay
Me and My Friends
You’ll Only End Up Joining Them

Favorite Lyrics:
“it's the same corner booth,
the same smith street bar,
the same sour mouths,
and the same empty arms.
forever and ever our lives
on a loop.
it's the same dollar draft,
the same whiskey words,
the same hanging heart,
and the same old scorched earth.
we're further and further
away from the truth.
i wanna stop it.
i wanna stop it.
i wanna stop it.
but it's the only life i know how to live
we make a mess of what matters
give our good grace away
we try to drink the clock backwards
and pretend like nothing’s changed”

“so as i inched towards resolution, yeah, i'm not sure which life feels right. no narrow noose or the wading water will hang in hex or open eyes. i know my brother, he went one way and at the fork i heard him say, "don't you follow. don't go making my mistakes." and i realized what he meant: don't kill yourself to raise the dead. it never works. you'll only end up joining them. it never works. you'll only end up joining them.”

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