Friday, December 29, 2006


#6 Liam and Me - There's a Difference

80’s DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best new bands to come out of this year. This band writes amazing pop songs with an 80’s vibe. The lyrics are also a strong point for this band. They just take you over and make you dance around. I don’t know why it took them so long to sign with a label (happened a few weeks ago), but now that they are I expect them to be huge in the New Year. The album is great, but live it’s even better. They are a very tight band and also really nice guys. I was lucky enough to see them 3 times this year, once in Rehoboth (Dogfish Head) of all places. If you like the sound of this and want the album, you better get it on before it sells out. They aren’t printing anymore since they are going to rerecord it for their new label. My only problem with the album is that it is only 10 songs, but this should be taken care of when they rerelease it.

There’s a Difference
Pretty Black Dress
Call the Cops
Take Your Time

Favorite Lyrics:
“Now I can't keep up with you darling cause you're living way too fast.
I don't make a whole lot of money so I gotta make it last.
(Well I've been alone)
I'm waiting up all night while you go out late dancing.
(I've been alone)
You sparkle in the lights and his approving glances, oh yeah.
Gotta know, is there something to tell me?
There's a difference in your heartbeat.
(Gotta know)
All I know is it's driving me crazy,
there's a difference in your heartbeat, baby.”

“Last chance for your pretty black dress tonight,
if its time for goodbyes, then we'll do it in style.
Last chance to be forward and set it right,
it doesn't help that you're looking so nice tonight.”

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