Friday, December 29, 2006


#5 The Lawrence Arms - Oh! Calcutta!

This one really came out of nowhere. THE best straight ahead punk album released this year. It’s got everything you could want: fast tempos, short songs, raspy lyrics with cleaner backing vocals. Oh, it even has a country sounding hidden track. It manages to be a rocking punk album and also have catchy choruses. I saw these guys a few years back on the Plea for Peace tour and liked them but didn’t do more than download a few songs by them. I decided to give this album a shot and I was instantly hooked on it. Just when I think I’m listening to less punk, this and rise against come along and remind me why I love it so much. Buy this album is you feel the need to jump around and break things and want a soundtrack.

Key to the City
The Devil’s Takin’ Names
Recovering the Opposable Thumb

Favorite Lyrics:
“I've never tried that
But I know I don't like it
Or maybe I do I'm just too weak to fight it
Maybe I do I'm just too weak to fight it
Maybe I do I'm just too weak to fight it
Where are you? Where are you?
I hate to let em see me crying”

“Somewhere along the way I lost my destination
And then I ended up in a thousand different places
The road is long tonight
Maybe we'll be somewhere by morning
We're never anywhere, never either coming or going”

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