Saturday, December 30, 2006


#4 Heavens - Patent Pending

A few years ago I would have hated this album. The two main elements of the album were two things I could not stand. One being electronic drums and the other being Matt Skiba’s voice. I’ve since grown to tolerate the first and love the second. It’s the same old shit from Matt Skiba, dark lyrics and the trademark vocals. The best part is what was brought to the table by the other half of the song writing team, Josiah. Joe supplied some simple yet amazing music which Matt later wrote the vocals for. The songs range from sparse punkish sounding songs to slow ballads. It’s too bad that this is just a one album side project. I’m glad I saw them live when I had the chance.

Patent Pending

Favorite Lyrics:
“Won't you please step inside?
Something to show, something to share
My knife still wants to hide
Deep inside of you
I'll announce the grand prize
Arterial spray-painted carpet
Before your eyes
Better fucking believe it
Take this back
If you really want to
Take this back
I'm counting on you”

“Don't leave just yet
Quiet on the set
Let's give this one more go
Make ourselves ill, poppin' sugar pills
Will swallow nice and slow
Don't leave just yet
We've just had a wreck
I'll need your name and phone
And water for these slow-dying trees
Where gardens used to grow”

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