Sunday, December 31, 2006


#3 As Tall As Lions

WOW! That word pretty much sums it up. They really matured from their last effort to this album. It’s just one beautiful song after another. This is a great chill album. The lyrics are also first rate, often touching on subjects such as finding love and losing love. Dan Nigro’s vocals are some of the best I’ve heard this year. These guys definitely win the “most improved” award this year. I wish more bands on “scene” record labels would take chances like these guys did and record songs that might not fit within the normal formula for the genre.

Love Love Love (Love Love)
Maybe I’m Just Tired
Hidden Track

Favorite Lyrics:
“If love comes your way
don't be afraid
Unlock the box you heart's encased
Hope it wont change
and beware of the games
that she'll want to start playing
Oh, lately babe
I stay awake thinking this life gets lonely
Well maybe I'm just scared
scared to let you go
I want you to know
right from hello
your love just kept me wondering
Well maybe I'm just tired
tired of never knowing”

“heard your broken voice on the telephone
made my heavy heart sink like a stone
and after all this time, i should have known
you'd let me down
right down to the bone
you know you're right, im incomplete
and i could never write down what i mean
and if you told me that the world, was ending tonight
that's alright by me”

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