Saturday, December 02, 2006


#27 Thunderbirds are Now - Make History

Put on your dancing shoes. This album makes you want to move. From start to finish, this album is filled with ass shaking rhythms, catchy choruses and vocals that I once thought were coming from a woman (I was mistaken). The rhythm section and the synth keep the songs pounding forward and the album never lets up. If you are looking for intelligent, catchy music then this is the album for you. If you see me dancing around while driving, this album is probably in the cd player.

(The Making of...) Make History
We Win (Ha Ha)
Why We War

Favorite Lyrics:
" We don’t know what we want but we want it all"

"The things that people say, make me want to take the words right out of their mouths"

um, i've not been listening to this band.... why?
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