Thursday, December 07, 2006


#24 The Bronx

Hard. Fast. Loud. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this band. They were the band that recorded their first album “live” in the studio, with a maximum of 3 takes per song. This time they are back with the same album title (or lack there of). Sometimes you just need to listen to some angry rock. This is the perfect album for doing just that. Most of the songs clock in at under 3 minutes, which is all they need to get their point across. The vocals are somewhere between screaming and singing. I guess you could call it yelling. You can tell the band just wants to rock and doesn’t care if it doesn’t sound perfect. There are a few songs on the album that are a little slower than the rest, but they are just as good. The album flows together so well that there are times at the beginning of the album that you aren’t sure if the song changed. I would keep writing but in keeping with the spirit of the album, I’ll keep it short.

White Guilt
Shitty Future
Around the Horn

Favorite Lyrics:
“You're a trainwreck and that’s entertainment!”

“So drag me down to the ocean floor
Cause I don't want to fight no more
Against these tides pulling from all sides
I'm never going back to shore”

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