Thursday, December 07, 2006


#23 Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel As School Children

Another album full of great beats made by a band and not a producer. On top of this are vocals by one of my favorite rappers, Travis McCoy. He can take a topic like myspace and make a great song out of it. I remember seeing this band open for Fallout Boy when I had no idea who they were. I turned to Greg and said “I have no idea what these guys sound like”. We watched them set up their instruments and start playing…..then the rap started. I turned to Greg and said “wasn’t expecting that”. They won me over at that show. I bought their current album and had been highly anticipating something new. They did not disappoint. This album is catchy song after catchy song. I just wish they didn’t have skits (there are only 3), but at least the dialogue in them rhymes. They continue their theme of having a song on their album where Patrick Stumpf (Fallout Boy) sings the chorus which is a sample of an old song. On this album it’s a slight variation of Jermaine Stewart’s “We Dont Have to Take Our Clothes Off” and on the last it was Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”. This is a great album to just put on and chill or to have on at a party.

3rd Period: New Friend Request
13th Period: On My Own Time (Write On!)
6th Period: Viva La White Girl

Favorite Lyrics:
“We put the F U back in fun.”

Got chicks, all hot chicks
Indie rock chicks, and hip hop chicks
Slim chicks, round chicks
Black, white, yellow, and brown chicks”

we may differ on Clothes Off and New Friend Request, but you're right on with VIva La White Girl brotha.
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