Sunday, December 31, 2006


#2 Blackpool Lights - This Town's Disaster

I was so glad to hear that another member of the now defunct Get Up Kids was making an album. Jim Suptic sang some of my favorite GUK songs. What he has given us now is a great pop/rock record. I don’t know what the right description is, it might just be straight ahead rock. It is reminiscent of indie rock from the late 80s and 90s. I remember seeing them in Philly this summer with around 20 other people and Jim got up on stage and said “tell those kids that just left to come back because we play that emo that they love so much”. They put on a great show even though the audience was very small, and even played a GUK song. Ok, enough rambling, back to the album. The lyrics are very mature which makes sense since Jim had been writing GUK songs for around a decade. The music varies from faster pop punk tunes to slower rock ballads. This album didn’t leave my cd player for at least a month when I first got it. The New Amsterdams could lose their crown as best band by a former member of the Get Up Kids, but I’ll wait on that until Blackpool Lights release another album.

It’s Never About What It’s About
Blue Skies
Crash Sounds
This Town’s Disaster

Favorite Lyrics:
“A best friend and an honest man
Isn't that what you wanted
Your dishonesty and lack of modesty
Were the traits that you flaunted
You're so emotional
I gave you room to grow
Then you act like a child
I didn't stop you, I could never do that
It's never about what it's about
Even if I knew you'd still walk out”

“Nothing that's good ever stays
Everything withers away
When will you learn
That someday you'll return
As long as you get through today”

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