Sunday, December 17, 2006


#19 Damien Rice - 9

Finally, a new album from Damien Rice and Co. It’s more of the same and I wouldn’t want it any other way. There isn’t a bad song on this album. Each song carries on the tradition of sounding like it should be in a movie (I’m sure some of them will end up there). I’ve always loved the way Damien can shift from soft and delicate to somewhat harder and angry from song to song and it never feels weird or out of place. Some of my favorite moments on the album are when it is just piano and singing. These are some of the most beautiful songs I have heard in awhile that weren’t arranged by Sufjan. I just wish the album had more songs. Let’s all hope the next album shows up faster than this one did.

Me, My Yoke and I
Rootless Tree
9 Crimes

Favorite Lyrics:
“waking up without you,
is like drinking from an empty cup.”

“Oh and she's always dressed in white
She's like an angel, man
She burns my eyes
Oh and she turns
She pulls a smile
We drive around
And she drives us wild”

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