Wednesday, December 20, 2006


#17 TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain

This album is genre-bending. At one point you think it’s electronic and then all of a sudden it’s rocking out (or both at once). One of the key elements that make this album great is the distorted, fuzzy guitar that can be heard in most songs in the background. It creates a wall of noise that everything else builds upon. Tunde Adebimpe’s vocals are reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, so much so that sometimes it is scary. Kyp Malone adds an afro and beard into the equation. Although this does not translate to the record, it is quite the spectacle. The album flows together very well, creating an atmosphere that I can’t quite explain. David Bowie lends some guest vocals to one of my favorite tracks on the album. Although this album isn’t for everyone (Greg), it is worth giving a try. It has grown on me a lot since I first gave it a listen. One of the only downsides to this album is that it does no justice for TVOTR’s live show.

I Was A Lover
Wolf Like Me

Favorite Lyrics:
“I'm locked in my bedroom, so send back the clowns”

“dirty little whirl wind
I am pinned by the heat of your swirl
dirty little whirl wind
descender, destroyer, I’ve found you
you dirty little whirl wind
tangled up in the flesh of a girl”

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