Wednesday, December 20, 2006


#16 Lucero - Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers

Oh sweet southern rock, how I had missed you. I’m so glad the band decided to add some organ to the mix, it worked out well. I did not give this album enough attention until I saw them live a month or so ago. The album just blows me away. It’s southern rock mixed with some punk backgrounds. Add in the amazingly gruff vocals from Ben Nichols and you have a great formula. You can’t go wrong with songs that alternate between straight ahead southern rock and slowed down tales of heartbreak. The album makes you feel like you should be in a bar down south raising hell. Ben Nichols makes you feel as if he’s just venting to you about his life and there just happens to be some kick ass music behind it. In hindsight I will probably wish I ranked this higher.

I Can Get Us Out of Here Tonight
Sing Me No Hymns

Favorite Lyrics:
“I might not be the one
But that's alright
I can get us outta here tonight”

“Tell me why, just why
You had to go
Cause I'm, I'm no good
Out here on my own”

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