Saturday, December 23, 2006


#11 Rocky Votolato - Makers

This isn’t the usual music that is known to come out of Seattle. The sparse arrangements are a far cry from the grunge and post punk that the area is known for. It forces you to focus on the lyrics which tell the usual stories of heartbreak and life in general, but somehow Rocky makes them believable. Rocky can write a song like no one else. The honesty in his voice pulls the listener into his world and doesn’t let you out until the album is over. He also points out his own shortcomings in some songs, which is a welcome departure in a genre full of songs that seem to lay the blame on others for the situation that the artists have found themselves in.

She Was Only In It For the Rain
White Daisy Passing
Tinfoil Hats

Favorite Lyrics:
“here's the 1st of many songs you wanted me to write
just for you I hope to god you like it
it's as pretty as it is cruel”

“all those evenings on the back deck of our first apartment
they meant everything but the wind just carried ‘em off
and you can't go back now just a passing moment gone”

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