Wednesday, December 28, 2005


#5 Kevin Devine - Split the Country, Split the Streets

Kevin might write the best lyrics of recent memory (ok, maybe that's a stretch, but they are damn good). I would quote you some examples but I might get my blog shutdown by the RIAA. Although I don't always agree with the political messages in a few of the songs, I feel like they don't overpower the songs and I can still enjoy them. The reason I feel that this album is top 5 material is that this fall, I listened to this album at least twice a week. Something about the honesty in his lyrics mixed with somewhat catchy music draws me in. It's a great album to just sit back and relax to, although there are a few songs that rock. Overall this album, although similar to the last, seems to be a little more personal. My only problem is the lack of more fast songs because those were my favorite on his last album.

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