Thursday, December 15, 2005


#19 Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

A somewhat disappointing release but still a solid album by one of my favorite song writers. I didn’t really get into Death Cab until the summer of 2004; I picked up Transatlanticism on a whim and loved it. This album is not quite as good as some of their previous albums but it shows that they are not going to change their sound just because they are on a major label. There are many beautiful songs on this record such as Summer Skin and Soul Meets Body. It is the type of album that I love to listen to in the car or at work to relax when I’m a little stressed. Ben Gibbard continues to write great songs which is enough to make me happy until the next release.

I love this CD! Seriously there are so many great songs in it, and it's not only Summer Skin and Soul Meets Body! Brother's in a Hotel Bed, What Sarah Said, Stable Song and Marching Bands Of Manhattan are great too!
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